About the Fundraiser Book

“The Year of the Adopted Family: 12 folktales to place in your home” (see artwork below)
This fundraiser book features 12 adoption folktales. There is adoption through friendship and even a greater one through the heart. Regardless of your connection to adoption, join the many cultures around the world who tell the same story of wishing, waiting, and wondering…oftentimes followed by joy.

May-Masai Tribe
July-Canada First Nation

About the Author:  As family folklore expert and youth storytelling advocate, Rachel Hedman looks to the future by first looking in the home. She promotes positive communication and relationships through the Family Famine Series while revealing emotions that are often hidden in the heart. Sometimes Rachel adopts musicians, singers, dancers and tellers for collaborative efforts much like a reunion of artists.  Since 1997, she has guided storytelling organizations as well as the community through leadership, blogs, and e-newsletters.

About the Illustrator:  Joanna Huffaker loves to make up stories from scratch and draw them to life.  Sometimes she takes her inspiration from history, sometimes she takes inspiration from other lands and cultures or her own life, but whatever her source material, you can trust her to stir plenty of her own imagination and invention into the mix.  Whatever she creates, whether it’s through story, art, the written word or song, you can be sure there’s a story in there, somewhere.

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Jeanne Allen is a freelance technical editor with a current focus on aerospace and engineering articles. She spends her free time reading books, running marathons, and playing the piano for the child that sits in her womb.  She and her husband are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and they volunteer one day a week at the Temple as an ordinance worker.


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